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 Upon inspections we will find the most suitable solution for your pest problems.

It’s our recommendation that children under 2 years of age, pregnant mothers, anyone with allergies and severe asthma stay away from property for at least 4 Hours.

The chemical we use is specifically designed to control pests in your home which is a  low toxicity product.

Based on the assessment we will determine frequencies, however, we would recommend no less than every 3 months for general pest control.

Treatment can last up to 4 months depending on the type of treatment, proper sanitation , weather and the location application.

We are a reputable company that stand by our guarantee, if any problem should arise within a reasonable time we will return to treat the place at no additional charge.

We don’t recommend treatment to outdoor areas whenever it raining or overcast,however, most chemical use on outdoors are made to bond with the soil so after bonding it won’t affect the treatment process.

Yes we do, it  require 2 treatments to complete process 14 days apart

Clicking sounds from the wall, swarmer most time mistaken for flying ants(shedding of wings), hollow timber/wood,mud tunnel on wall and wood and grain like  droppings.

It can take from a week to months depending on the type of termite.

Yes, we do fogging to the outside and indoor misting.

 Yes we do.

When ants enter the home they are in search for food, they are attracted to sweet sticky substances. It important for proper sanitation to prevent them entering home.

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